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Wireless distributed sensor network for traffic related urban air quality monitoring

Judah Shashank, David Broday, Ilan Levy, Barak Fishbain

Development and application of miniature sensor networks are currently an active research area due to their immense potential as personal monitoring devices. We examine the requirements from- and the problems of wireless distributed sensor networks (WDSNs) for measuring air quality parameters at breathing height, i.e. for exposure assessment applications. We plan to provide some guidelines for future deployment of such a system. With the fast growing traffic and traffic-related emissions in dense urban regions worldwide, urban air pollution is becoming a major public health concern. Hence, we focus on exploring the applicability of such a WDSN for measuring traffic-related air pollutants and for exposure estimation at the individual and the community levels. The sensor board holds several sensors for gaseous pollutants as well as other sensors for measuring different environmental parameters, such as temperature, location, acceleration, etc. Environmental data gathered by numerous wireless end-member nodes can be shared, processed, and transmitted to a central server for further pooled data analysis and interpretation.