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Improving spatial and temporal resolution of air pollution mapping by using output of transportation modeling w/ observed monitoring data

YuvalDavid Broday, Shlomo Bekhor, Yoram Shiftan

Traffic emissions are by far one of the largest sources of manageable air pollutants in Israel, as well as in most other developed countries. The large temporal and spatial variability of traffic sources cannot be adequately captured by air quality monitoring networks (AQMN). One option to account for more detailed information sources is to incorporate traffic volumes and vehicle speeds as a major source for estimating the spatiotemporal variation of air pollutant concentrations, and the exposure of the public to these pollutants. Output of transportation models and integrated traffic-congestion information from cellular telephones are the basis of databases for such an application. Manipulated by an innovative statistical scheme which accounts also for co-monitored air pollution and meteorological data, the transportation data can yield more detailed air pollution information in both space and time.