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Air pollution in the urban environment

Ilan Levy, Cristian Mihele, Gang Lu, Julie Narayan, Nathan Hilker and Jeffrey R. Brook

We are analyzing results from a field study done in 2009 in Montreal, QC, Canada that took highly resolved mobile measurements of multiple air pollutants in a complex urban environment. The research addresses issues concerning the spatial variability of air pollutants, the relations between different pollutants, the usage of a mobile platform for measuring air pollutants in a heterogeneous environment, etc. 

The Montreal study is unprecedented in the level of detail of the measurements (1 second resolution measurements with research grade instrumentation) and the number of pollutants measured (23 different species), all measured repeatedly over 34 days. Therefore, the insights gained from the Montreal study are valuable for the design of future studies and for better understanding of atmospheric processes at the micro scale.