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The Technion Center of Excellence in Exposure Science and Environmental Health
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The TCEEH promotes state-of-the-art research in exposure science (ES) and environmental health (EH) with a focus on air pollution and its related health outcomes.



The TCEEH fosters scientific research to elucidate the full chain of processes that encompass the ES-EH paradigm: from emissions to environmental concentrations, to human exposure, to biological dose, to progression of damage and disease, and to potential adverse health responses. Particular attention is given to repeated exposures at environmentally relevant concentrations and to exposure during specific windows of susceptibility, e.g. prenatal, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

Airborne Pollutants

We focus on human exposure to-, and health effects of airborne stressors present in both outdoor and indoor surroundings. Special consideration is given to pollutants that are priority to Israel’s climate, topography, infrastructure, character and standards.