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Acinus-on-a-chip: a microfluidic platform for respiratory acinar flows

Fishler R., Mulligan M.K., and Sznitman J. Journal of Biomechanics
in press More...

Classification of dust days over Israel using satellite remotely sensed aerosol products

Sorek-Hamer M., Cohen A., Levy R.C, Ziv B., Broday D.M. International Journal of Remote Sensing
34(8): 2672–2688, 2013. More...

Detecting, classifying and identifying special nuclear materials

Yang Y.T., Fishbain B., Hochbaum D.S., Norman E.B. and Swanberg E INFORMS Journal on Computing
in press

Dissecting metropolitan air quality to understand multipollutant exposure: pollutant interrelationships and neighborhood differences

Levy, I., Mihele C., Lu G., Narayan J. and Brook J.R Environmental Health Perspectives
in press

Investigation of the impact of parameter uncertainty on the modeling of pesticides and transformation products at catchment scale

Gassmann M., Khodorkovsky M., Friedler E., Dubowski Y., Olsson O. Environmental Modelling & Software
in press.

Occupational exposures and symptoms among firefighters and police during the Carmel forest fire: the Carmel cohort study.

Amster E.D., Fertig S.S., Baharal U., Linn S., Green M.S., Lencovsky Z., Carel R.S. Isr. Med. Assoc. J.
15(6):288-92, 2013. More...

A national day with near zero emissions and its effect on primary and secondary pollutants

Ilan Levy Atmospheric Environment
Volume 77, October 2013, Pages 202–212 More...

Cigarette smoke and muscle catabolism in C2 myotubes.

Oren Rom; Dror Aizenbud; Sharon Kaisari; Abraham Z Reznick Mechanisms of ageing and development
2013;134(1-2):24-34. More...

Cigarette smoking and inflammation revisited.

Oren Rom; Dror Aizenbud; Katia Avezov; Abraham Z Reznick Respiratory physiology & neurobiology
2013;187(1):5-10. More...

Cumulative exposure to particulate matter air pollution and long-term post-myocardial infarction outcomes

Silvia Kotona, Noa Molshatzki, Yuval, Vicki Myers, David M. Broday, Yaacov Drory, David M. Steinberg, Yariv Gerber Preventive Medicine
Volume 57, Issue 4, October 2013, Pages 339–344 More...

Data-driven nonlinear optimisation of a simple air pollution dispersion model generating high resolution spatiotemporal exposure

Yuval, Shlomo Bekhor, David M. Broday Atmospheric Environment
Volume 79, November 2013, Pages 261–270 More...

Degradation of VX Surrogate Profenofos on Surfaces via in Situ Photo-oxidation

L. Petrick, S. Sabach, Y. Dubowksi. Environmental Science & Technology
47(15) 8751-8758, 2013. More...

Essential amino acid leucine and proteasome inhibitor MG132 attenuate cigarette smoke induced catabolism in C2 myotubes.

Oren Rom; Dror Aizenbud; Sharon Kaisari; Abraham Z Reznick Advances in experimental medicine and biology
2013;788:25-33. More...

Exposure to particulate air pollution and long-term incidence of frailty after myocardial infarction

Myers V., Broday D.M., Steinberg D.M., Yuval, Drory Y., Gerber Y. Annals of Epidemiology
Volume 23, Issue 7, July 2013, Pages 395–400 More...

Fate of Pesticides and Their Transformation Products: First Flush Effects in a Semi-Arid Catchment

Olsson O., Khodorkovsky M., Gassmann M., Friedler E., Schneider M. and Dubowski Y. CLEAN – Soil, Air, Water
Volume 41, Issue 2, pages 134–142, February 2013 More...

Improved retrieval of PM2.5 from satellite data products using non-linear methods

Sorek-Hamer M., Strawa A.W., Chatfield R.B., Esswein R., Cohen A., Broday D.M. Environmental Pollution
Volume 182, November 2013, Pages 417–423 More...

Involvement of NF-κB and muscle specific E3 ubiquitin ligase MuRF1 in cigarette smoke-induced catabolism in C2 myotubes.

Sharon Kaisari; Dror Aizenbud; Oren Rom; Abraham Z Reznick Advances in experimental medicine and biology
2013;788:7-17. More...