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The Technion Center of Excellence in Exposure Science and Environmental Health
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Past Projects

Wireless distributed sensor network for traffic related urban air quality monitoring

Development and application of miniature sensor networks are currently an active research area due to their immense potential as personal monitoring devices.

Childhood and adolescent environmental exposures and the incidence of cancer in adulthood

The goal of the study is to examine the association between exposure to air pollution during adolescence and cancer incidents during young to mid adulthood.

Chronic exposure to air pollution and long-term outcomes after first acute myocardial infarction: a population-based cohort study

Recent efforts in air pollution epidemiological research have been directed toward the identification of potentially susceptible subpopulations, an essential step for ensuring adequate pollution prevention policy.

A national day with near zero emissions – real life case study for the Day of Atonement in Israel

This study examines the short term effects of a drastic change in emissions on a national scale.

Short term effects of urban air-pollution on physicians' visits for persons with diabetes in Israel

Many epidemiological studies found short term effects of air pollution on cardiovascular morbidity in the elderly population, yet the effect in diabetes patients was less investigated.

Acute effects of air pollution in Ashdod population - a quantitative analysis

Air pollution is widely recognized as hazardous to human health. Airborne pollutants are responsible for a wide array of respiratory and cardiovascular outcomes, even at very low level concentrations.

Improving spatial and temporal resolution of air pollution mapping by using output of transportation modeling w/ observed monitoring data

Traffic emissions are by far one of the largest sources of manageable air pollutants in Israel, as well as in most other developed countries.

Enhancement of PM2.5 exposure estimation using PM10 observations

he adverse consequences of particulate matter (PM) inhalation on human health are well documented. Most of the epidemiological work assessing the health impacts of PM exposure concentrates on PM2.5, however, many of the PM monitoring records available for retrospective studies are of coarser PM10 data.

Video based traffic pollutants exposure assessments.

This project aims at developing a software framework for measuring PM levels from traffic videos.

Air pollution in the urban environment

We are analyzing results from a field study done in 2009 in Montreal, QC, Canada that took highly resolved mobile measurements of multiple air pollutants in a complex urban environment.