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The Technion Center of Excellence in Exposure Science and Environmental Health
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Ongoing Projects

CITI-SENSE - Development of sensor-based Citizens’ Observatory Community for air pollution measurement and exposure estimation

The main objective of CITI-SENSE is to develop “citizens’ observatories” technologies and concept, to empower citizens to contribute and participate in environmental governance, and to support and influence community and policy priorities and the associated decision making.

Spatial characterization of fine PM at the urban and neighborhood scale: from distributed monitoring to imaging

The project focuses on optical methodologies for spatial monitoring of ambient fine PM at the urban and neighborhood scales. Fine PM is progressively accentuated by the environmental sensing community, led by the EPA, as a major health risk that requires better characterization at a higher spatiotemporal resolution.

The impact of air pollution on autism spectrum disorders

Exposure estimates were produced for the patients that participate in this study using 3 versions of the ODM model described in (2), including the model that includes the error correction scheme. Medical data were extracted from the Israel National Security Service. Hazard ratios were calculated for different time intervals during the pregnancy period as well as for controlled periods before and after it. Preliminary results suggested that some refining of the epidemiological model is required, including examining additional confounders and possible further improving the exposure estimation.