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Ongoing Projects

Improved spatiotemporal air pollution mapping using transportation IT data

At the first phase of this project we used output from a traffic allocation model (incl. traffic volumes and vehicle speeds per road section) to calculate spatiotemporal air pollution fields, based on regional wind speed and direction measurements and AQMN data. The preliminary algorithm has been developed in Year 3 for NOx, and was adjusted for PM2.5 in Year 4, not including time sequences of dust events. In Year 5 an error correction scheme was added to the model.

TCEEH air pollution monitoring database (TAPMD) – bringing the data closer to the user

Following the SAC recommendation following TCEEH-SAC meeting in 2012, The TCEEH established an air quality monitoring database that includes all the routine air quality monitoring data observed in Israel since 1 January 1997.

Static and dynamic models of daily commute in Israel

This project aims at estimating more accurately the exposure of commuters, based on their daytime location (work, school, leisure, etc.), their residence address, and a statistically estimated course they may have taken while commuting between their residence and daytime locations.

Mathematical data analysis methods for air-quality wireless distributed environmental sensor networks

This work focuses on assessing the possible impact of velocity on the function of vehicle-mounted air-quality sensors.

Developing satellite based exposure models at high resolution across the state of Israel

This research is developing in several directions: (a) Develop a model to predict concentrations of both PM fractions (PM2.5, PM10) in Israel, using the highly resolved satellite MAIAC-AOD data and different statistical models.